About Us

Spectastral Records is an independent music label operating from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.
We are working directly with all unsigned artists and bands from any country in the world who are looking to have a larger scale of exposure and to release new albums and singles.
Our mission is to find the most promising and professional sounding musicians still under the radar of the large music industry. We will invest in the production of their professionally made CDs review and advertise Promo CDs to radio stations, and distribute them to our worldwide partners.

We listen to every CD and we will contact the band or the artist if we decide to go forward.
Make sure to write all your contact information,
Your e-mail, web site, telephone on the CD so we know to whom it belongs and who to contact.

Please send your demos to:

Spectastral Records

15461 Clayton Rd.
Ballwin, MO 63011

A message from the founder of Spectastral Records LLC:

Greetings to all and thank you for checking out our web site.
As I recall memories from my childhood, I was exposed at a very young age to music and live performances. My father my first music idol, gave me the love of creating beautiful melodies and harmonious songs which he played on his acoustic guitar. Since that time I began to learn how to play on my own and music became a passion of mine.
Twenty plus years ago back in Eastern Europe, a few of my teenage friends and I got together and formed a rock band named “Ikar”. Unfortunately, we lived in a communist country at the time, and playing hard or heavy metal music was considered a very bad thing to do. The western influence was not welcomed in a country with a communist regime, especially before the end of the cold war and the crumbling of Berlin’s wall.

   After recording two albums with the help of an old-fashioned tape recorder in friend’s basement, and after holding several concerts, we reached the point where we needed professional help to further our career. We wanted to move ahead and continue what we loved doing….music.
There was no one to help us to get to the next stage, no one to support our band financially, and with one circumstance after another; we went separate ways in our lives.

Years later, I still have my passion for making music, and the memories of meeting fans on the street, pointing and asking for my autograph on pictures they took. I still remember feeling the rush and adrenalin flowing as I saw the fans waiting to see us play at concerts.
These are some of the reasons for the formation of this website and this music label. I hope to help my fellow musicians who have that strong passion for music as I still do.